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List of Drugs Available at Abbey Concepts:

Detoxifying Machine (Single Pole)

Also known as ION cleansing machine. It increases energy both physical and mental, vitality and stamina. It internally cleanse the body of parasites and toxins which results in reduced fluid retention, reduce inflammation, improve memory, greater bladder control, a more balanced PN. Pain relief etc.
It increases energy and reduces stress
Improves memory and sleep
Relieve pains.
Improves sexual health
Enhances immune system
Reduces menstrual pains. Etc.
Shouldn’t be used by: pregnant women, lactating mothers, person with implant’s and children below 10 years of age.
The use of the machine is three days interval



Used for the monitoring of the blood pressure but this, you use on the wrist. Convenient to use, accurate. Mostly used by people with the bigger upper arm


Detoxifying Machine (Double Pole)

It performs same function as single but two people can use the Detoxification machine double at a go while only one person can use the single.


AK-W-2000 111

Also known as health massager. It’s a massager and also used for weight reduction. It’s a low frequency therapeutic equipment.
It can be used by people suffering from waist pain, lumbago, “strain of lumber muscles” Rheumatoid Arthritis, tooth ache, car and sea sickness, insomnia, stiff neck, stomach ache or abdominal pains etc.
It comes with a pair of massage slipper and two pairs of electro pad which you can place on any part of the body you want to massage.


Energy magic cup

It “Energy Magic Cup” can be used for the activation of the human body cells to regulate physiological events of the whole body effectively. It makes us lie in a state of equilibrium so as to prevent diseases and return back to good health.
It can be used to prevent these following ailments.
Insomnia, constipation, numbness of limbs, skin pigmentation, and dizziness, cold hands and foots, gastrointestinal discomfort and so on. It balances the blood sugar, burns excessive fat.



It is used for monitoring the blood pressure and easy to comes with an arm curf which is the gadget. It has two types, the one with voice and the other no voice. It is easy accurate and convenient to use at home, offices etc. at your convenient time




Also known as multi-functional high potential therapy. It’s used for the treatment of insomnia, high blood pressure, bone arthritis ache, neurasthenic, etc.
Using the AK-W-2006 for 30 minutes on the optical therapy is like doing outdoor aerobic exercise for 3 hours.
The negative therapy purifies the blood, activate the cell and tone the autonomic nerve.
The heat therapy of the AK-W-2006 stimulates and massage the accupoints of the foot, unblock the artery and promote free flow of blood circulation to dispel blood stasis.
It comes with a leading prong which is in the form of a fork and that is used on the persons having/ with stroke. Or the persons having chronic pains on any part of the joint could be the ball and socket joint. Etc


We have some other drugs for various illness which can be taken by herbal consultant prescription.

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