Yemkem International Nigeria Limited (formerly known as Alafia Tayo) with corporate head office at 205 Egbeda/Idimu Road, Faith bus stop, Egbeda Lagos was founded by Prince (Dr.) Akintunde Ayeni and was incorporated under the companies and allied matters decree 1990 with registration number 338104 on 2nd of February, 1998.

The company is well structured with modern equipped factory situated at 1 Akintude Ayeni Street, Onikanga, Ayobo, Lagos state

Today Yemkem International Nig. Limited is not only the first to modernize its operations, but a leader in the production and distribution of quality herbal drugs for curative purposes. These products are readily available in all the nooks and crannies of the country... read more

Other companies under Yemkem Group are:

Yemkem International Limited

Engages in the manufacturing, wholesale and retail of natural traditional drugs etc... 

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Abbey Concepts and Resources Limited

Engages in the importation and distributions of drug-less machines... 

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Abbey Concepts and Resources Limited

A five star hotel with sixty five (65) rooms situated at Ado Ekiti. 

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List of Drugs Available at Yemkem:


Formulated to provide the body with strength and vitality, it is an effective energy booster.


M & T Capsule is herbal remedy for chronic fever, it is effective against all form of plasmodium species which causes malaria fever and has anti bacteria element against the bacteria that cause Typhoid fever.


An extract of herbs and leaves that are clinically packaged to provide cure for chronic pile, hemorrhoid, waist pain, fatigue, indigestion and low libido.


A natural herbal remedy indicated for the management of stomach disorder, indigestion and
heals wound in the stomach. It is also good in strengthen the entire body particularly the heart  and the blood
vessels thereby increasing blood circulation.


Restore lost vigour and vitality and provide complete sexual satisfaction. It increases men sexual function.


It's a herbal remedy for blood related diseases. It contains restorative agent which is helpful in building the immune system and therefore very potent in the management of blood diseases such as sickle cell anemia, jaundice, Rheumatoid Arthritis and it is also effective in blood purification.

Great Tonic

A precious blood purifier and unfailing remedy for many diseases, it gives strength to the body
particularly the heart and blood vessels.

We have some other drugs for various illness which can be taken by herbal consultant prescription.

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